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Engineering Leaders in Challenging Environments

Part One - Lead Foundation

Confidently lead engineering teams that ship and scale using techniques and lessons acquired through real-world experience.

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Marian Kamenistak

🚀 Building Silicon Valley in Central Europe « 🎓 Founder and Chief Coach at Engineering Leaders Community « 💰 $200M+ Series A-D Fractional VP Engineering « Lecturer/Moderator/Speaker

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1st time Managers

Engineering Managers eager to excel within their role, who rely on influence to lead, motivate, and deliver the planned outcomes.

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Dev to Manager

High-potential developers who desire to transition to the software leadership role with no hiccups and operational complexity.

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Early-stage and startup founders looking to accelerate the pace of their raising product. We boost the most productive dev to the lead role.

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We understand geeks. No generic leadership wisdom. 
We go deep. We go real.

Engineering leader Training syllabus

Part One - Foundation

"I'm not feeling comfortable yet in my team leader role. It's like I'm missing some of the basic principles to navigate in people management, communication and delivering value. Sometimes, it really s**ks and I have days of doubts."
Vaclav Ryska
Engineering Manager
"I'm in the team leader role for the 2nd month and I feel like lost in priorities. Planning, people, hiring, support, unexpected tickets, bugs. I don't feel my 1:1s work as they should, although my manager is trying to help me."
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Team Lead



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Marian’s wealth of experience was incredibly valuable to me.
Marian has taught me to look beyond daily tasks and set long-term goals. This shift in perspective has greatly enhanced my planning and strategic thinking .

Marian’s perception has accelerated my learning and influenced my leadership style.
Thanks to Marian, I was able to share my insights as a speaker at the Engineering Leaders meetup, an enriching experience in my career path
I believe that anyone who has the opportunity to work with Marian will benefit greatly from his experience and guidance.

Jan Vrtiska
Engineering Manager @ Pure Storage
Ondrej Kofron
CTO @Carvago

Marian helped my managers to boost their personal growth, increased efficiency among our teams, improved transparency, and overall satisfaction within the team. His  team leader academy workshop feedback was pivotal for my performance review meetings with my direct reports.

I totally recommend any kind of cooperation with Marian. However, if you still hesitate, feel free to join some of his free community sessions to form your own opinion on what he can offer to you.

FrequEntly Asked Questions

  • Group: max 12 people.
  • Location: Prague,, Czech Republic.
  • Social media: Attendees are allowed to take screenshots and to take event pictures. We are both eligible to use pictures and event information to highlight the cooperation on social media.

No certificates but change in perception of the World, identifying leadership principles of our own.

Managers who go through our team lead academy training course will be sufficiently improved so as not to make the top recurring mistakes leading to greater inefficiency or collapse.


More than a generic leadership training
  1. We speak to attendees as friends, not as all-knowing lecturers.
  2. Instead of certificates, we focus on practical knowledge.
  3. You’ll find few slides but plenty of writing, stories, and interaction.
  4. There will be mini-homework assignments at the end of each day.
  5. After each day, participants can book an extra individual consultancy hour for personalized guidance.
  6. Marian has journeyed from developer to architect to manager, so he understands the challenges and frustrations of tech professionals, especially introverts.
  7. Marian uses storytelling to make the lessons memorable and engaging.
  8. We dive into interactive scenarios to improve communication, decision-making, prioritizing, balancing operations and strategy, and delegation.
  9. We can conduct the workshop for engineering managers in both English and Czech, recommending the native language for better understanding of nuances.
  10. After the course, we collect feedback and provide a final rating. Participants will also receive a summary and potential evaluations from Marian. All attendees are eligible to apply for Engineering Leaders Community membership.

We inspire people for their mission, and we really like to see people in sessions who are enthusiastic about leadership and come to us with a desire for improvement. 

🚀 Educate your leaders continuously

Engineering manager course participants are eligible to apply for an exclusive membership to  our  Engineering Leaders Community of 800+ #unique talents. We educate ourselves continuously. We organize 10 live meetups a year.

Grow with us continually, month by month 🚀

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Engineering Leaders in Challenging Environments
Part One - Foundation


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