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I love that moment of impact –  Changing people’s perception in the given subject. Enabling the desired change in behaviour, culture, or systems.

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Selected Speaker/Lecturer/Moderator track record:
  1. 2022: PlatoHQ with Netflix, 3000+ people, virtual conference. Topic: High-Performing teams
  2. 2022 InAgile: 50 people workshop, on-site. Topic: Product & Engineering synergy
  3. 2022 PlatoHQ circles: 12 people workshop, remote: How to communicate with your Top management
  4. 2023 TechFellows, 60 people: moderating event: Measuring what truly matters in Engineering. Connect indicators with happiness.
  5. 2023 CredoVentures VC: Effective Engineering Leadership for High-Growth startup teams, remote, 100+ people.
  6. 2023 Elevate HQ conference, San Francisco, 600+ people: How I created a scalable system to deliver 80+% of the quarterly roadmap consistently.
  7. 2024 Dr Max, 120 people: Deliver 80+% of your roadmap continuously with your teams
  8. 2024 Dr Max, 200 people: Mastering MVP in a large organization
  9. 2024 NN: 12 people workshop, on-site 4 days: Boosting your 1st level engineering managers

The most demanded topics including agenda details

Thinking metrics will turbo-boost your software teams? Sometimes, it’s like blaming a flat tire when you’ve actually run out of gas. Let’s cut through the excuses and get to the heart of what’s really slowing us down.

In this talk, we’ll uncover specific stories companies face in real:

  • Discovery over Delivery: Prepare your ammunition: Why the discovery phase is more impactful than delivery? Tips on how to make it work.
  • Synergies over Numbers: Indicators can help boost team performance by 10-30%. In my experience, true synergy between an Engineering Manager and a Product Manager can increase effectiveness by up to 300%.
  • Focus over High Priority: Why maintain an expensive, high-performing team if they’re not focused on roadmap-related tasks? Are you tracking their contribution to the roadmap? Do you realize how much off-roadmap tasks are consuming your team’s talent?
  • Epic over Task Cycle Time: Incremental releases are saviors. Teach your teams to slice their work vertically. Don’t focus on JIRA tasks; the value lies elsewhere.
  • Adoption over the Next release: Start finishing, stop starting. The team’s work isn’t done once it’s released into production. Make sure to allocate sufficient time for activation, adoption, and feedback collection. This final 5% will make your product outstanding and leave your teams satisfied.
  • The entire engineering community is discussing performance and productivity indicators nowadays. That’s why I’d like to introduce a somewhat controversial topic on this matter 🙂

When you implement team productivity metrics, such as DORA, SPACE, or any other framework, you’ll soon discover that the numbers tell only a third of the story. The other two-thirds lie in how well metrics are adopted.

In this talk, we’ll explore the narrative of adopting metrics like a pro. Specifically, we’ll discuss:

  • How to address concerns and calm fears about being measured.
  • The importance of relying on principles of Transparency and Prevention.
  • Selecting the appropriate set of indicators.
  • Engaging teams early in the process.
  • Tips and tricks for successful metric integration: conducting workshops, enabling teams, handling pushbacks, and more.
  • What are the biggest mistakes and how to avoid them

I’ll share real-life situations and scenarios from my experience helping companies adopt metrics.

Performance Reviews are a bit of a controversial topic.

In this talk, we’ll dive into the art and science of conducting effective performance reviews within engineering teams. Leaders in tech are often faced with the unique challenge of balancing technical prowess with soft skills during evaluations.

With the tech industry’s rapid growth and the constant evolution of skills, how can managers provide feedback that not only assesses past performance but also fosters future development?

We’ll discuss strategies to create a constructive review atmosphere, the importance of continuous feedback, and how to set actionable goals that align with both project deliverables and professional growth.

Ultimately, I’ll share the top 10 most impactful tricks on how to lead performance review talked like a pro.

I did a meetup on this topic few months back in Prague, see more here:

Thank you for considering this.

This topic is particularly relevant today as more companies are undergoing reorganizations or transitions.

Whether you’re forming a new team, restructuring an existing one, or stepping into an inherited team situation, this talk offers valuable insights and strategies.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, companies continuously adapt to change, optimize costs, and often undergo restructuring, including layoffs and team reorganizations. Consequently, the role of engineering leaders has become increasingly challenging.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

  • Foundation: Learn how to establish a strong base for your team by setting clear expectations with your teammates and your manager, positioning yourself effectively as the middleman.
  • New Team Victory: We will provide specific steps, tips, and tricks as guidelines for adopting a new team. Discover what aspects are critical to address, how to set expectations correctly, and how to set your new team up for success.
  • Building Trust with a New Team: Explore the key factors in gaining the trust of your new team members and learn effective strategies for doing so.
  • Smooth Transitions in Challenging Times: Understand the intricacies of leading through team mergers, takeovers, or layoffs, and learn how to handle these situations with tact and empathy.

I covered this topic at my Engineering Leaders meetup in Prague in Jan 2024. More info here: MEETUP%3A-,Complete Guide to,-Earning Your New

Key message: Yes, being a highly successful team in delivery, aligned towards a common goal is possible! This is how we do it:
Main highlights:
Discovery: Build solid ammunition before you start shooting!
Put the contracts down: How much time can I allocate to the roadmap? To dependencies? How do we resolve the large tail of dependencies?
How do we ensure we are on track? How do we communicate that? What to do if that’s not the case?
How to support ownership of the team?
Keep an eye on adoption: ensure the customer is happy with the result.
Speaker’s tactics: For our audience, we will cover it as a story, from having an idea up to discovery, evaluation, delivery, and adoption, thus closing the loop.
Key message: Set the right expectations for the company stakeholders in a large organization.
Main highlights:
Can we streamline discovery and innovation besides the pre-agreed roadmap?
What are the options?
How can we push forward a unique idea despite an ongoing roadmap?
How can we evaluate an opportunity and convince our teams and the stakeholders?
How do you slice a large idea into a series of MVPs?
Tips and tricks for the distributed environment.
Innovation days, PLG in a large org.
top: jak říkat “NE” rozšiřujícím požadavkům ve fázi MVP.
Speaker’s tactics: For our audience, we will expose the tips and tricks to validate an MVP in a large org, as well as set real-life expectations in terms of agility in a small startup of 3 teams, a mid-size org of 20 teams, and a large org of 80 teams.

Speaker Track record

Netflix Netflix: High-performing teams

PlatoHQ Elevate Summit

Product & Engineering synergy

Path to High Performing Teams: June 2023

🚀 Set up engineering leaders up for success

Scriptease podcast

🎯 OKRs in Software Engineering

Panel discussion
TechFellows meetup

Personal growth: Learn or Die 🎓

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Performance reviews how to

ProgramHRovani podcast

Change management in engineering panel discussion

Plato Circle class


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