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🎓 What a Staff Engineer role is all about?

Are you grappling with uncertainty when it comes to introducing a Staff Engineer role within your organization? Do you wonder about their work’s scope and how they can truly amplify talent? Perhaps you’re even pondering questions like their programming involvement and how to harness their abilities from day one. If these thoughts resonate with you,...

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VP of Engineering @ Mews – A look back on my 1st year

Life is fun! Joining a new company in April 2020 couldn’t have been easier: The Prague HQ office got closed due to the virus whose name we shall not mention. That said, all my individual introductions with engineers, team leads, my peers, and the leadership board were done remotely, video only. How can I build...

How to beat OKRs

How to Make Your Teams Beat OKRs

Practically speaking, after the OKR system is introduced to the company, most people have the impression of being on a runaway train. The Q3 goals have barely started and in two months we come to the end. We push goals over the finish line while, in parallel, we are supposed to start preparing the new...

How to Excel in Engineering management

How to Excel in Engineering management

Stay focused and invest your time into improvements of a bigger scale. Don’t stay at the level of resolving small daily issues, which results in hundreds of items in your Trello to-do list.

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Estimates: The Art of Guessing Badly

Oftentimes I hear stakeholders or PMs complaining that the engineering team repeatedly fails to complete their work on time. They would push even harder on deadlines assuming that that would help. In reality, it only creates additional tension that helps no one. They would also try adding artificial buffers, further complicating the problem.

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How to Build Trust with Engineering Teams

In engineering management, my vision is to create a productive software delivery environment that developers are proud to work in, with a focus on tangible outcomes across the company.