Hi – I’m Marian.

I help companies with scaling up by transforming the Software Engineering Teams and Leaders into a High-Performing Orchestra. As a Fractional Engineering VP and the founder of Engineering Leaders Community in Central Europe, I bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. Additionally, I contribute as a writer, moderator, and speaker in this domain.

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My Mission 🚀

"My Mission is to create a mini Silicon Valley in Central Europe.
We're enhancing software engineering productivity by taking leadership talent to ultimate heights.
Leadership is the spot where the largest impact resides. "

I focus on transforming software engineering teams and leaders into a dynamic force, capable of outpacing competition and securing market victories. Since 2020, I have conducted approximately 900 individual mentoring sessions and coached over 70 engineering leaders in their professional journeys. You can discover more about my 25+ selected company clients. As a fractional VPE, I’ve helped Central European software companies raise $200+ million:




As the VP of Engineering, I spearheaded the company through a Series C funding of $182 million.
I expanded the team from 40 to over 100 developers, 30+ teams in two years, turning them into an asset beating competition down.



Apify.com: I played a crucial role in securing a mid-term bootstrapping, mentoring the CTO and team leaders to enhance their performance and strategy execution.

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Keboola.com: I was pivotal in their $32 million Series A funding, providing mentorship to the CTO and Head of Development, particularly focusing on stabilizing delivery processes.

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I assisted in the acquisition of manta.io by IBM, offering merge support, mentoring the CTO for a smooth integration. Read more about IBM acquires Manta.

credo ventures


With Credo VC and NN IT Hub, I collaborate to elevate the capabilities of startup engineering leaders through mentoring, facilitating Leadership Academy workshops, hedging investments into raising startups.

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Engineering Leaders Community

I'm the Founder of Engineering Leaders community. Since 2021, we are running a 550+ members community for the Software Engineering Managers. We run 9 meetups a year, with 50+ unique member on-site attendance.

What I Love Doing ❤️

🤝Engineering Leaders Community

If you're a CTO/CPO, VPE, Tribe/Chapter Lead or and Engineering Manager/Team Lead, I'd be delighted to see you joining us.

Our community has grown to over 350 Engineering Leaders since 2021. Hosting 9 meetups annually, we focus on evolving managers into leaders. Join our community here or sign up for our events. For partnership opportunities, get involved.

🚀 Individual Leaders Boost

I'm running a bespoke mentoring program, coaching 16 people concurrently across Central Europe, with over 300 boost sessions a year. Discover more about my mentoring approach here. To join the waiting list, contact me. I also lead a mentoring program for CTOs/mini-CTOs in cooperation with techexecz.cz.

💎On-site Fractional Boost

Intensive Boost: Providing Fractional VPE expertise to selected companies, focusing on stabilizing development flows and leadership. Learn more about the Engineering Teams Productivity Audit.

In addition, I offer Leadership Academy boost workshops for the selected companies.

🎤 Moderator / Speaker / Writer

I have a rich experience at talking at 500+ people audience events, meetups, podcasts or conferences about niche topics related to Engineering Leadership or Company boost. The purpose is to change the target audience perception on chosen topics: PM + EM cooperations, Leadership mindset, Delegation, Career Frameworks, Company Culture and Principles.
In Oct 2023, I was delighted to speak at the Plato HQ Elevate conference in San Francisco.

My Background 🌳

I started coding 💾 at age 11. I progressed from a dev role to a team lead to a principal architect.🌱 While spending a couple of years in startups of Silicon Valley, Mountain View, I naturally transitioned into software engineering management to make a more significant impact through leadership, leading 30+ of teams to the top, consistently delivering 80%+ of my teams’ roadmap.

I have extensive experience in engineering, encompassing all its amusing and challenging nuances in various situations, from growing individual leaders I’ll rely upon, up to designing the delivery flow and growing the teams. I’m a founder of Engineering Leaders Community 🇨🇿

Explore the 1st year of my mentorship path,  my engineering journey 🚀or my portfolio offer intro.

  Discover more about My Principles, My Mentoring Triangle of Strength, My Journey as an Engineering Manager Coach, My Solopreneur Data, Public Speaking, Videos, Blog Posts, Portfolio Mind Map,My 2023 in Data My 2024 Strategy.

Your Options 💡

Looking forward to meeting you in person at our next meetup!

Connect with me on LinkedIn, or schedule a meeting with me to discuss your situation.

Why choose me? Discover what sets me apart from mere experimentation.

I’d be pleased to get to know you better, understand your situation and goals, and explore how I can help you. ⭐️
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Create the right communication channels and  open delivery & quality reports.


Define the trajectory. Keep the vector direction and stick to it, unless the strategy changes.

Lead by example.

Teach and grow others by delegating. Walk the walk. Learn continuously.


Discuss improvements, not status updates. Limit the number of parallel streams.

My principles

Leadership principles Marian Kamenistak