Business Data and Profit

Mentoring Flow

Allocation and Income

Income recalculated from CZK to USD by a standard conversion rate. Data is refreshed once a day early morning. Business data is fully automated since June 2023.

Why do I expose my solopreneur business data

The reason is that I strictly stick to my principles:
  • Transparency: All my customers, partners and competitors are free to analyse insights about my business. I lead by example. By being open, I expect we treat each other in a similar manner, thus gaining mutual trust. In addition, I hope turning more competitors into partners.
  • Consistency: I believe times are gone when we had to hide all the business details.
  • Continuous improvement: I push myself to improve the business all the time. It helps me to hold my head above the water.
No sensitive data (client or company names or emails) is exposed.

How do I gather data

I use a couple of automation steps
  • Google Calendar: All my mentoring and advisory sessions are in separate google calendars, with direct invites to clients.
  • Zapier: I link these calendars to Zapier that continuously appends all the passed sessions into a Google Sheet, triggered by calendar on finished event. Only the non-declined sessions are recorded.
  • ClickUp: is my CRM tool, where I store the client flow: clients interested in mentoring/advisory, passive ones, selected ones, the ones I currently mentor, including adoption: feedback, lessons learned and finished.
  • Google Sheet: I pivot the data into a table of invoices, integrated with my invoice builder app I use on monthly basis, tied to my email client.
  • Google Apps Script: translates ClickUp data to Google Sheet and enriches data by the relevant insights, such as $ rate, email, client name, etc. All the App Scripts are scheduled to run once a day.
  • In Google sheet, I create all the pivot tables and charts that I publish on the page as embedded iframes.
If you are curious to know more about the technical details, feel free to reach out 🙂
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