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Dominik Mostek

Tribe lead at Ataccama
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There is no other mentor like Marian. Each session, each talk we had was inspiring and full of practical recommendations. He helped me to switch thinking from what i want to do as engineer to what actually helps the product and the team. I started applying his recommendations and not only it starts to bring value to the product it feels so good. Thank you Marian.


☛ Improving things at Ataccama

Marian has been incredibly helpful in my professional development. In my conversations with him, he helped me transition from an operational role to a more strategic one. He not only showed me how to grow a team, but also emphasized the importance of understanding the “why” behind it. In each session, he provided me with practical tips and recommendations for tools and other valuable resources.
Marian has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is always willing to share it with others. I highly recommend him as a mentor to anyone looking to improve their leadership and management skills.

Michal Danilák

Co-Founder & CTO at Monitora.

Václav Ryška

Engineering Manager @ Mews

Marian helped me a lot in my beginnings as a manager. He designed a company-wide program for beginning managers at Mews which in my view makes Mews one of the best companies for managers where to start. He helped me to avoid many initial mistakes and gave a lot of useful advices for the future.

Marian is a true leader with human approach worth following. Thank you! 🙏

☛ Engineering Manager & Software Consultant☛ .NET☛ Blockchain☞ Mathematical Models☛ Engineering Manager & Software Consultant☛ .NET☛ Blockchain☞

Marian helped me to stabilize and mature our engineering in Apify after a period of growth. In mentoring, we focused on many areas across product-engineering cooperation, career framework, team alignment, and agility. But mainly, he changed how I view my role and the role of the engineering department in the organization.


CTO at Apify, the web scraping and RPA platform.

Marek Trunkát

CTO at Apify

Oleg Smirsky

Head of SW Development

Marian was my mentor for 3 months and I’ve learned a lot from him – communication with my own team and stakeholders, managing improvement plan in the team, hiring of new people. Marian has experience from multiple scale up companies, growing from 30 to 100+ people and that’s experience he can pass on to engineering managers and engineering directors. What I’ve appreciated a lot is directness and honesty in mentoring, challenging my own beliefs of what is possible and at the same time being very human oriented.

I would recommend Marian as a mentor to anybody who really wants to grow in managerial role as few hours per week I’ve invested are several months saved on the journey.


Marian is a true professional with vast experience. I was pleased to work, learn, and discuss essential development matters such as SDLC, OKRs, and team management tactics with Marian at our 15+ sessions. I admire how Marian is organized and his passion for deep diving into diffrent areas of expertise. I recommend Marian with complete trust.


Idan Fridman

Director of Engineering @ DraftKings

Matthijs Welle

CEO at Mews
Marian was part of helping scale up our technical teams from 35 to 100 people during his time with Mews. One of his key successes was around creating visibility on engineering output and ensuring we were able to more effectively reach out goals. Excited to continue to follow your career!

Marian is an experienced and polished software architect with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. I had the fortunate opportunity of creating an engaging and productive working relationship with him soon after joining the company as CTO.

The intersection of his technical background and his well-rounded nature allowed us to drive a higher level of strategic thinking across the engineering organization.

Leader • Innovator • Problem Solver

David Edwards

Chief Technology Officer @ Vendavo
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Rasheed Raya

Senior agile coach

When you start as the first agile coach in a company where you have more than 100 developers then your challenge to find out your way is real, luckily I had Marian as my manager at that time where he gave me all the support I needed and also he wanted to set me up for success.

By giving me the space, time, insights, and most importantly the trust in what I can bring really gave me all the energy I needed.

By having Marian as a leader and a true enabler I never hesitated to experiment with ways of working, practices or strategies.


Senior agile coach | Kanban enthusiast | GlassHalfFull

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